Pink Torch Procession

Pink Torch Procession

As the illumination of the Pink Triangle was being contemplated in 2020, meaningful consideration was also being given to how to properly set the stage for the monumental initial Grand Lighting.

Could an event be created that would build drama around the massive moment of lighting the Triangle for the first time? Could it serve to honor unsung heroes of the LGBTQ movement?

Yes and yes.

A plan was developed to create The Pink Torch Procession – an Olympics style passing of a pink torch through Oakland and San Francisco on its way to the top of Twin Peaks for the official lighting. Starting with Oakland Mayor Libby Schaff and continuing with 30 more torch bearers, a majestic pink torch (created by Looking Up Arts) gradually made its way around Oakland. With assistance from the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the torch eventually crossed into the city, up Market Street and into the Castro before Dykes on Bikes made the dramatic ride up Twin Peaks. San Francisco Mayor London Breed was handed the torch and history was made.

A deeply moving, yet celebratory, tradition was born.

Last year, the torch returned with great fanfare, attracting an incredible array of LGBTQ torch bearers, and U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was handed the torch for the official lighting.

The Pink Torch Procession is now an integral part of the Pink Triangle and plans for an even greater Procession this year are well underway.

Meet the 2022 Torchbearers – To be announced soon